Families Receiving Financial Assistance through DLRCN

Delaware Lifespan Respite Care Network...when you need a break
If you have applied for and been accepted into our grant program, congratulations!*

Below is a list of all the documents you will receive if you are approved for respite financial assistance through the Delaware Lifespan Respite Care Network.  Reimbursement for respite funds is most often delayed because forms are not filled out correctly.  If you have any questions when filling out a form, please contact us.

In your intake packet, you should receive the following forms:

1.  Approval Letter

2.  Allocation Chart

3.  Instructions for filling out the Invoices

4.  Invoice

5.  Direct Deposit Form

*Important to note: Invoices may take up to four weeks to process.  Because of this, it is extremely important that you follow invoice instructions closely.  An invoice that is filled out incorrectly could delay your reimbursement by an additional week or two. We appreciate your patience as we work to shorten this process.

Examples of invoices:

5. Direct Deposit Sheet

Copy: Direct Deposit Bank Account Information Sheet

*If you have not applied for the grant program, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions and find out how we can help you get a break from caregiving.  If you have not been accepted into our program, check out Apply for Respite Funds for a description of our appeal process.  You can also check out the Resources page for additional sources of financial assistance.