Respite care provides short term relief for primary caregivers from the demands of ongoing care of a loved one with disabilities or special needs of some kind, ailment such as an elderly relative. These family caregivers can then return to the caregiving situation rejuvenated and better able to cope with their responsibilities. However, finding appropriate respite care providers who can effectively care for their loved one can be an extremely challenging task.

Caring for children and adults with special needs often requires specific education and training that many drop-in or back-up care providers may not have. This free RespiteOnline search is now available to all Delawareans to assist them with this challenging  job.

If your organization provides respite care, we want to include information on the services you offer in RespiteOnline. There is no fee for you to be listed, and it provides you with an excellent opportunity to attract potential clients. Listing in RespiteOnline DOES NOT obligate you to fulfill any care request that you are unable to accommodate.


What is my next step?

Print out a copy of Respite Care Information Form (PDF) and fax or mail it to Children & Families First per contact information on the form.  If you have questions about the form or would like additional information about this important statewide initiative, contact Debra Renz at 302-777-9757.